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Month: February 2016

How To Create An HDR Photograph

Create An HDR PhotographMany of times you will be somewhere when you just can’t seem to get the perfect photo. The scene is beautiful and you are trying every combination of settings available to you but just cant seem to capture what is before your eyes. You need to create an HDR photograph if this is the case.

What is HDR? Well HDR is a photography term short for High Dynamic Range and it is the technique used for achieving a greater dynamic range of a photograph by enhancing the lightest and darkest areas of the image. This is accomplished by capturing multiple photos of the same subject taken at different exposure values, usually referred to as exposure bracketing.

To create an HDR photograph I recommend using a digital SLR camera as they have many more options and features that most point and shoot cameras don’t contain. Although any camera that allows manual over or under exposure of a photo can be used to create HDR images. You will need to take at least 3 photos of the same scene but at different shutter speeds thus giving you a dark, medium and bright selection of images. This is best done utilizing a tripod as you will want the photos to be taken from the exact same position will very minimal movement. You would then take these images and apply them to a photo editing program and overlay the images. This will enhance the shadows and highlights of all the photographs into one final photo achieving what only the naked eye would be able to see of the original scene. Of course this is only one step in the process to create an HDR photograph. The fun really starts when you begin applying different toning adjustments such as edge glow, saturation, detail and gamma just to name a few that will really make an image pop when done correctly with the right software.

An HDR image usually requires a minimum of three photos, however if you take more photos like five or even nine different images all at different exposure values then this will give you even more flexibility and dynamics when editing these together. You can also create an HDR photograph with just one photo, although not as great as you like but you do have the option. It is called HDR toning and will allow you to apply most of the same features as a multiple exposure HDR image however your results will be limited due to the little information contained in just one image file. A good photo editing program is a must if you wish to create an HDR photograph.

One of the most important steps you will want to do to create an HDR photograph is to take your photos in “raw” format as opposed to jpeg. A raw image format is an unprocessed file of an image that contains all the information needed to create the image without lossy compression. A jpeg is a processed image that has been compressed and should not be used when multiple editing steps will be required as you will lose image quality each time an adjustment is made. One of the drawbacks that comes along with shooting in raw format is that a raw file is typically 2-6 times larger than a jpeg so make sure you have a decent size memory card to hold the amount of images you require.

As you can see there are many steps involved to create an HDR photograph, but with the right photo editing program and a little experimenting, you can achieve the photo results you’ve always wanted.

How To Photograph A Wedding Reception

Photograph A Wedding ReceptionIn this article we’ll address tips on how to photograph an outdoor wedding reception. I love outdoor wedding receptions – you typically have an abundance of light, more room to move around and the settings tend to be beautiful – country clubs, vineyards, and garden weddings! However, as the light tends to fade, there is potential to run into trouble. Let’s go over a few tips to help make your next wedding reception run smoothly.

How to Photograph a Wedding ReceptionTip #1 – Use longer lenses. The beginning of the reception typically consists of the bride and groom mingling with their guests, either during a cocktail hour or after they eat (some couples forgo a receiving line, planning to go table to table at the reception instead). This is a great opportunity for some wonderful images – hugging their guests, showing off the ring, talking and laughing. But you don’t want to be too close – it’s not a group hug after all! By using longer lenses, you can be more unobtrusive and will typically capture more natural looking photos because your subjects won’t know you’re photographing them.

How to Photograph a Wedding ReceptionTip #2 – Use fast lenses. A fast lens is one with an fstop of 2.8 or lower. Two things happen with a fast lens – One, the larger the aperture, the more light comes into the lens meaning you can work with less light as it gets darker. Two, the larger the aperture, the less depth of field you have. If you look at a photograph where everything is in focus, the eye tends to bounce around, not knowing where to land. When you look at an image with a short depth of field, your subject stands out and the background is slightly out of focus. Your eye immediately goes to the subject! Special note: be careful of camera shake on lenses with an aperture of less then 2.8. When you’re depth of field is that short, any slight movement can cause some blur.

How to Photograph a Wedding ReceptionTip #3 – Prep your bride and groom. If I have a couple who’s reception will last into the dark, night time hours, I always ask beforehand what their plan is for lighting the reception. Often times, they haven’t given it much thought – maybe some white Christmas lights! Those little Christmas light give off little to no light. I encourage the couple to think about their lighting – not only for the photographs but for their guests. I’ve photographed weddings where the cutting of the cake is after dark and there is no lighting around it – the guests can’t see! I also explain to them that there needs to be a little light so their photographer can see what they are photographing.

When considering how to photograph a wedding reception, keep these simple tips in mind. A little preparation and foresight on your part will help you to come away with some great images that the couple will love.

People Photography

People PhotographyLet’s talk about the most photographed subject in the world – people.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you surely captured a lot of people already in your camera. Any person who has a camera take pictures of those personal moments such as family outing, workmates doing something in the office, hang outs with friends, etc. Professional photographers on the other hand might took some people photography in weddings, events, modeling, and what not.

As you can see, it’s but normal already for us to do people photography. We capture different reactions from people loves to smile in front of the camera and people who are camera shy. In different occasions, techniques are also applied in order to capture those great shots:

1. Photographing children

In people photography, taking children as subjects might be the hardest. This is because children do unpredictable reactions that might be against what we wanted to photograph. It takes them also a very fast span of time in preserving those good reactions worth photographing so it gives us very little time in preparing ourselves to press the shutter. Once missed, then it will be very hard to let them do it again.

Children have different personalities and sometimes it’s good to play with them a bit for them to like us first. In that way they will be more than willing to pose for our camera. I remember photographing kids playing below our house. I took good photos of them playing and they loved it. Whenever I pass by their place also, they always tell their friends that I photographed them while playing before.

At times, photographing children might need you to have a good zoom lens. In this way, you can take photos of children without them knowing about it. By that, you can capture very natural moments from them.

2. Parent and child

Another good subject in people photography is the moments between a parent and a child. You can see a lot of very personal moments between them that are really worth taking pictures. In order to not disturb them however, it is also suggested to use a zoom lens for you to capture those natural moments. You can even make money out of those pictures by selling them through stock photography websites during mother’s day or father’s day.

3. Events

Photographing events in people photography is good since they hire you as a photographer so they allow you to take all the shooting. You don’t have to hide yourself anymore because it is your purpose in being there in the first place. The challenge however is that, you must not miss anything. The activities are happening time and again and you must be able to capture everything. Once you missed something, there’s no more way for you to bring that moment back so better be alert.

4. Modeling

Staged models in people photography is the easiest in the sense that they wanted to be photographed. Of course that’s the model’s job – to pose for the camera. But the challenge here is that you must obtain the director’s skill in letting the models act the way you like them to.

The good thing about people photography is that there is money in it! Almost everyone in the photography business is involved in taking peoples’ pictures in one way or another. People also love to see people so it’s not hard to sell these photos having people as subjects. In stock photography, people are actually the mostly bought subjects. So if you want to make more money in photography, photograph people.

Make Money With Photoshop

make Money With PhotoshopAre you one of those those who loves to change photo’s backgrounds? Making fun of your friends photos by making them look uglier? Or are you one of those who are really artistic in making a simple photo into a very good art using photoshop?

I have a good news for you my friend – You can make money with photoshop!

When it was my first time to learn Adobe Photoshop, I immediately loved its features. It’s not just because it is required in the school or so but I personally love photo editing and the like. That passion led me to learn more this software. And not just the software but the fun of photo editing itself. So I kept on editing my friend’s photos by making them more artistic (and sometimes funny).

At first it was just a hobby but I wanted to make money with photoshop so I looked for ways in doing so. I then started to work as an Office Staff in a school and its there that I first had some income applying my skills in photoshop. I was still a college student then when I helped in cleaning the school’s elementary students’ photo backgrounds in their yearbook. It was a fulfilling work and it was my first time to make money with photoshop.

There was also a time when an owner of a Photography studio asked me to teach him how to use photoshop. I needed money so of course I accepted the offer. I’m happy that through my tutorial, they are now making a good business incorporating photo editing in their photo shooting works (And whenever I go there for a rush ID or any photo printing servies, I always have discounts).

I then became a video editor and my knowledge in photoshop is also a great help. I was able to make money with photoshop by applying it still in my video editing works. Sometimes I also accept photo editing and lay outing works. I also continued to do some tutorials by teaching photoshop at home to some students.

I wanted to maximize my knowledge in photoshop in gaining more money so I also created a product to be sold. I took photos of natures and interesting subjects and cleaned their backgrounds. Those photos can then be added as additional elements in photo editing and lay outing and also in motion graphics or any design for that matter.

As you can see, in my own simple ways, I was able to make money with photoshop. I don’t even have my own computer when I was still starting out. The good thing today is that we can also outsource our work online. Unlike when I was beginning that I only started to make money with photoshop in our place and by working in companies, internet opened more ways for us to let our skill in photoshop gain money.

You can make money with photoshop in many different ways:

1. Do a freelance job in graphic designing and photo editing through the web If graphic designing is already your day job then that’s fine. Aside from working for your boss and making him rich however, you can also do freelance works. In this way you can offer lower rates (but quality works) to your clients. In doing so, it is good to make an online portfolio for you to show your samples. If you have a website, that’s cool. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can always create a free blog from google’s blogger. Make use also of the power of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. How about make a fan page in Facebook and upload your works. Some of your friends might be interested and ask you to do some job.

2. Do tutorials You can do what I did by teaching photoshop and get paid by some people you know who needs your help. But there are also other opportunities that you can do online. You can write tutorials and sell them to article directories like eHow. Just try your best to make a step by step processes. To make your tutorial more engaging, you can capture screenshots and incorporate them. You can also make video tutorials and post them in youtube. You can make money with photoshop through this by joining Youtube Partner Program. Other sites that you can also submit those video tutorials to make money are Rewer, BrightCove, Vuze, BlipTV, Metacafe Producer Rewards, Atom, Apple’s itunes music store, Behemoth, Streamyo, and Lulu. Just try to search for those websites and learn their programs. But before that, you must first record your video tutorial. You can use camtasia pro to do so.

3. Do stock photography Another way to make money with photoshop is by creating stock photos. If you are also good in photography, you can combine that with your photoshop skills and sell those photos to stock photography sites such as iStockphotos, Shutterpoint, etc.

There are more other ways on how to make money with photoshop. Web designing has also its own. The basic idea is that you make money with photoshop by photo editing, lay outing, graphic designing, and teaching. Just sell either your services or your product in your area and online.

It’s really good to make your passion your profession. By this your work will be turned into play. Just continue tomake money in photography.

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