Sell Photos OnlineLet me get you straight, you wanted to make money in digital photography but you don’t like to spend even a single dime? I don’t think you can even make it. You know, business is like a gamble. You need to take the risk. The lesser money you spend, the lesser the risk but the lesser the expected ROI (return of income)you’ll have. And the higher you are willing to pay, the higher the risk but it gives more chance of having higher ROI. That’s the formula of business. You can play safe and not spend anything but don’t expect to gain more money by not risking even a bit.

So you wanted to sell photos online? Okay you must then be willing to spend something. The good thing in stock photography is that you don’t have to spend that much to get you started. But for you to really start your online business in selling your good photos, you must have an online store. You can create yours using the free blogger of google or you can also make one from free sites out there. However, in these days, you will be having a small chance to be visited by digital photograph buyers if you insist to start from free stuffs.

What I can tell you is that there are stock market websites that are highly optimized in their search engines. Meaning, there is more chance of having buyers to visit and buy. So what you can do is have some space from those online stores to have more chance of having more costumers to buy your photos. The “how to sell your photo online” is already designed by them so that’s not your problem anymore. All you have to do is sign in and as I said, pay a bit to start your online store.

Think it as a business and in business you really have to spend something like you have to pay for your rent, tax, fare, etc. So if you’re serious in in selling your photos online, you really have to be willing to spend a bit. And the good thing in online selling is that, you don’t have to pay tax, expensive rents, fares and what not. You just need to pay some space from online stores. Most stock photography sites even have tips and tutorials to help you in your photography skills and in marketing your photos.

Okay, I don’t wanna hold you for a long time so let me introduce you to these two websites that I highly recommend. They really don’t need a big amount of money from you. So how about join them and get started immediately in your online photography business?


By joining shuttermom, you can set up and promote your home or studio photography business. You can also get photography marketing ideas and join in the photo community fun. See? You can learn how to sell your photos from them and you can also meet new friends who are also in the same field. Wonderful! Right? So what are you waiting for? You can also read those testimonies by people who joined the fun. After that, I really encourage you to join also and start your online photography business.


In Shutterpoint, they have many online store spaces to choose from. The good news is they are cheap actually. It’s good to choose the best amount of space that suits your need and situation. They also have lots of categories and you can have an idea on what subject do you think you will focus on. They also have this page wherein you can see the mostly searched photos. By that, you’ll know what type of photos you will get that can lead you to gain more buyers and therefore more income.

So do you know now how to sell your photos online? Honestly you don’t even need to know how. The important thing is take the first step by joing those websites I recommended above. The risk is very low and there’s no reason for you to be too skeptical. As they say, success comes from your action. If you continue to play safe and not act now, you will also continue to not enjoy the benefits of selling your photos online. There are already a lot of photographers out there who are enjoying this kind of business. So why not join the fun?