People PhotographyLet’s talk about the most photographed subject in the world – people.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you surely captured a lot of people already in your camera. Any person who has a camera take pictures of those personal moments such as family outing, workmates doing something in the office, hang outs with friends, etc. Professional photographers on the other hand might took some people photography in weddings, events, modeling, and what not.

As you can see, it’s but normal already for us to do people photography. We capture different reactions from people loves to smile in front of the camera and people who are camera shy. In different occasions, techniques are also applied in order to capture those great shots:

1. Photographing children

In people photography, taking children as subjects might be the hardest. This is because children do unpredictable reactions that might be against what we wanted to photograph. It takes them also a very fast span of time in preserving those good reactions worth photographing so it gives us very little time in preparing ourselves to press the shutter. Once missed, then it will be very hard to let them do it again.

Children have different personalities and sometimes it’s good to play with them a bit for them to like us first. In that way they will be more than willing to pose for our camera. I remember photographing kids playing below our house. I took good photos of them playing and they loved it. Whenever I pass by their place also, they always tell their friends that I photographed them while playing before.

At times, photographing children might need you to have a good zoom lens. In this way, you can take photos of children without them knowing about it. By that, you can capture very natural moments from them.

2. Parent and child

Another good subject in people photography is the moments between a parent and a child. You can see a lot of very personal moments between them that are really worth taking pictures. In order to not disturb them however, it is also suggested to use a zoom lens for you to capture those natural moments. You can even make money out of those pictures by selling them through stock photography websites during mother’s day or father’s day.

3. Events

Photographing events in people photography is good since they hire you as a photographer so they allow you to take all the shooting. You don’t have to hide yourself anymore because it is your purpose in being there in the first place. The challenge however is that, you must not miss anything. The activities are happening time and again and you must be able to capture everything. Once you missed something, there’s no more way for you to bring that moment back so better be alert.

4. Modeling

Staged models in people photography is the easiest in the sense that they wanted to be photographed. Of course that’s the model’s job – to pose for the camera. But the challenge here is that you must obtain the director’s skill in letting the models act the way you like them to.

The good thing about people photography is that there is money in it! Almost everyone in the photography business is involved in taking peoples’ pictures in one way or another. People also love to see people so it’s not hard to sell these photos having people as subjects. In stock photography, people are actually the mostly bought subjects. So if you want to make more money in photography, photograph people.