Which Camera Lens To BuyIf you thought it was tough deciding which digital SLR camera was best suited for you, then just wait until you want to upgrade your SLR camera lens. Deciding which camera lens to buy may be the most important decision a photographer will make. With all the different sizes, styles, makes, and functions available to choose from, the possibilities become endless.

First thing I want to do to help you understand which camera lens to buy is breakdown exactly what the differences are in the popular lens styles.

A Normal / Standard Lens is just that, a lens that is decent enough for most pictures but does not excel at any one style. It will give you good results but will not give you the versatility of taking close-ups or the panoramic shots you may desire. Also the zoom capability is very limited.

A Telephoto Zoom Lens is a lens used to take photographs of objects at a distance but also allow you to zoom in on a closer subject for an intimate portrait or a blurred background.

A Macro Lens is for close up photography of usually very small subjects where the actual image captured by the camera sensor is the actual size of the subject.

A Wide Angle Lens is a lens with a much shorter focal length than a standard lens which allows the photographer to exaggerate depth and relative size in a photo. This is also a very difficult lens to learn how to use.

Before you decide which camera lens to buy, you need to know what the brand of camera is you will be buying the lens for. This is very important as different brands do not fit just any camera. The major first party brands will help you quite easily if you are buying a Nikon lens for a Nikon camera or a Canon or Pentax etc. When it comes to third-party lenses is when you have to pay more attention to compatibility as no two brands are alike.

For the next step you will want to decide what your intended purpose with the new lens will be and how much you will be willing to spend when you decide which camera lens to buy as prices vary drastically. A few decisions to consider are:

1. Do you want a Zoom lens, Macro lens, Wide Angle or Standard lens?

2. What speed of lens do you want? an F/2.8 is faster than an F/5.6, and faster is typically better

3. What is your minimum focus distance?

4. Do you want Image Stabilization / Vibration Reduction?

5. Do you want to go with first or a third-party lens?

6. Price Range, all these different features will move the price from between a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars very fast.

As you can see there are many things to consider when asking yourself which camera lens to buy? It is important to have the information and knowledge you require to avoid being disappointed when you fork over hundreds of dollars. I suggest reading the blogs and reviews available online then heading down to your camera shop and asking them to try a few lenses. They will usually allow you to go outside and take note of the differences between them to understand which camera lens to buy.